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Earn interest on Augur - REP Savings Account

Augur (REP) savings account lets you earn 2.5% APR + compounding interest. Deposit now to earn a passive income with guaranteed returns, daily interest calculations, and weekly payouts.

Available for Multi HODL
  • Digital asset management system with $150M pooled crime insurance by Ledger Vault
  • Weekly compound interest payouts in stablecoins and crypto
  • Ability to use savings funds as a collateral for lending products.
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Earn interest on Augur (REP)

Your Augur (REP) could be earning 2.53% APY. Earn interest on REP immediately when you deposit REP on YouHodler. Enjoy weekly payouts, full transparency, and no lock-in terms.

What is Augur? How to earn crypto interest on REP

Augur is a decentralized prediction market that users the wisdom of the community in order to make a search engine of the future that will run on its own token called REP. Augur is Ethereum-based and lets the community create their own markets for specific queries. What’s interest about Augur is that users can profit from buying a positive or negative share regarding the outcome of a future event. Similar to betting future news. 

After the event takes place, thousands of users will then report on the outcome using the REP token. Unlike traditional media, the event is not reported by any central authority but instead by a large group of community members participating in the Augur network. This in turn creates entertainment, income for market creators and also tests the innovative logic of leveraging the community’s knowledge for more accurate results. 

REP savings accounts: Why should you earn interest on REP with us?

Why should you trust us with your REP? Well, there are a variety of attractive reasons to HODL REP on YouHodler. Here are just a few to consider. 

  • Guaranteed asset security
  • Weekly payouts
  • 2.53% yield (with compounding interest)
  • No locking of funds
  • No need to buy a platform token to gain access to higher rates
  • Transparent dashboard to watch your earnings accumulate daily
  • Compounding interest
  • And much more!

How to earn interest on Augur (REP)

Earning crypto interest on YouHodler is extremely simple. There are just a few quick steps to follow and then after that, you’ll start generating a stress-free passive income. 

Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: To to YouHodler.com and sign in (iOS, Android, and Web version available)

Step 2: Deposit BAT to your personal BAT wallet

Step 3. Watch as your BAT earns compounding interest (2.53%).

Step 4: Get paid! Weekly payments come every 7 days

Augur saving wallet App that pays interest

YouHodler wallet app is the only application where you can store your Augur (REP) just like you would in a regular wallet but in addition, earn interest on that REP wallet balance every week. 

How does REP interest work

You can earn interest on REP just like you would with a traditional bank savings account but with one key difference.  Instead of near to zero interest rates at banks, we offer you 2.53% interest on Bitсoin.

How to Earn Free REP

It’s easy! Just deposit REP to your YouHodler wallet and you’ll earn free REP every week.

How to Get Free REP

Interest payments occur every seven days. So you’ll get your free REP a week after your first deposit.

Cumulative Interest REP

Yes, you have cumulative interest if you HODL REP in the wallet.  We calculate compound interest rates every week.

REP APY & Yield

Compared to other platforms, we offer APY instead of APR. APR gives you interest payments without the compounding effect. Hence, with APY at YouHodler, you get more REP at the end of the year due to this cumulative interest. 

REP Savings Calculator

Just use our REP Savings Calculator to see what you will have in 3, 6, or 12 months of HODLing on YouHodler.

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